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Welcome to the World of IVV-ASIA

is one of fun and friendship with the added benefits of good health and physical fitness. Safe exercise in a non-competitive environment is the goal. The participant chooses the sport, the distance, and the pace.

AVV events, volkssports, are for all people. Everyone is welcome.

AVV members organize lots of volkssport events each year for people of all ages and abilities. For more information, please read through our Internet site or contact us.

AVV-ASIA News vol.38

April 9, 2022



・IVV-Asianpiad in Vladivostok 2022 was cancelled.
・IVV-Olympid in Seoul 2022 was canncelled.

IVV-ASIA News vol.37

November 24, 2020


 Dear Walking Friends of IVV-Asia;
We hope you are living well, even though the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 dos e not drawing to the end. To our great regret, the 5th Asianpiad in Vladivostok was postponed to the next year.
In order to keep and develop a friendship among the countries of IVV-Asia, we w ould like to propose the positive exchange of information of walking events in e ach country via internet.
We would like to make mutual link of each Asian country’s website, so that all Asian walkers can easily get walking events information of other countries.

Table: Address of homepage of 5 countries
Japan:http://ivv-jva.com/      (Japanese)
:http://ivv-jva.com/img/2020JVAIVVbook.pdf (English)
Korea:http://www.walking.or.kr  (Korea)
Taiwan:http://www.mountaineering.org.tw/tw/ (Chinese)
:http://www.mountaineering.org.tw/en/ (English)
Indonesia:http://www.jogjaheritagewalk.com/ (English)
Russia:http://lhzh.ru/ (Russian)

IVV-ASIA News vol.36

April 20, 2020


 Dear IVV-ASIA Walking Friends;
We have deicided that the new schedule of 5th Asianpiad in Vladivostok will be O ctober 23rd-24th 2021.

IVV-ASIA News vol.35

April 1, 2020


 Dear IVV-ASIA Walking Friends;
We have just received the postponement notice of the 5th Asianpiad in Vladivos tok. The alternative date will be notified later.

IVV-ASIA News vol.34

March 9, 2020


 Dear IVV-ASIA Walking Friends;
We have just received the cancellation notice of the 13th Taiwan IVV Walking as below.

On behalf of CTAA's president Pan-Nan Huang, I would like to inform the IVV-Asia that the 13th Taiwan IVV WWD Walking festival, which is scheduled to be held on April 25.26, is canceled due to the COVID-19 disease in Taiwan and around the g lobe. In response to the situation, CTAA cooperates with our government to preve nt the epidemic by avoiding activities involving a large number of people.
This event always involves thousands of people. To protect the health and safety of all participants, the event is decided to be canceled. The event will be sus pended until the next year. We believe that all Asian countries will stand toget her to fight this severe disease and the situation will be getting better.
Also, We wish all the IVV-Asian friends healthy and well during this difficult t ime.

黃偉峰 中華民國山岳協會, 國際組
Wei-Feng Huang, Chinese Taipei Alpine Association(CTAA), Chief of Foreign Affair s http://www.mountaineering.org.tw

IVV-ASIA News vol.32

Dec 2018


The 4th Asianpiad was held in Jogjakarta, Indonesia on 17th and 18th November 2018.

 On the previous day, 16th Friday, The IVV-ASIA Congress was held. After the congress, Inter national flag parade was with the IVV-international flag, and IVV-ASIA flag.

 More than 350 international walkers from 25 countries Visited Jogjakarta for the Asianpiad.

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