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AVV-ASIA News vol.2

February 8, 2011

1.The AVV Vice-President Chang-Hsien Hsieh Passed Away.

On behalf of Asian Confederation of Popular Sports, we would like to express our deepest condolence at the passing AVV-Vice President Chang-Hsien Hsieh, President of Chinese Taipei Alpine Association. No words are sad enough to express our sense of loss. He was a tough walker in his youth. He had walked fifty kilometers with thirty-kg of rice on his back. He also had been a good friend of us all. Under his leadership, Chinese Taipei Alpine Association opened a door to many international walkers and let them have opportunities to join joyful walking events in Taiwan.
Though we are still in grief, but let us walk and meet with the spirit of peace, mutual understanding and fair play. Let us carry on walking upon the road he would have liked to go. It is our hope that he will be long remembered through the good relationships he built in the fields of popular sports. The vivid impression he made on all of us will always live in our memory.

Motohiro Kawauchi AVV Secretary

2.IVV Presidium

IVV Presidium Meeting was held on Jan 7~9, 2011 in Altotting, Germany , where the head office of IVV and DVV locates. The following matters were discussed and decided. (1) The revised statutes which were discussed in the IVV Delegate Meeting in York on July 5, 2008 were accepted, and will be proposed to the IVV Delegate Meeting. So in advance the statutes will be sent to all country members for their inspection. The final statutes will be decided by the IVV Delegate Meeting in Antalya, Turkey on Oct 19, 2011.
(2). European Federation of Popular Sports (EVV) was founded on July 10, 2010 in Luxemburg. EVV will organize a new event named "EUROPIADE" on Sep 7~9, 2012. Participants will receive "extra IVV/EVV stamp".
(3). According to the new statutes 5-(3)-e), Miyashita proposed a new "International Popular Sports Festival in 000" as a commemorative event of AVV foundation in Asian countries. These events are sponsored by AVV and supported by IVV.
The IVV Presidium accepted this proposal, and permitted to use "Extra stamp IVV/AVV" issued by AVV for such events as [IVV/AVV 2011 Japan Volcano-Aso], [IVV/AVV 2011 Korea 000] and so on.
In near future AVV will organize the similar events in other countries such as Thailand, Mongolia, Indonesia. Singapore, Philippines etc..
P.S. IVV Presidium advised "International Popular Sports Festival" to name "ASIANPIAD".

Mitsumasa Miyashita IVV Vice-President

3.Commemorative event

I would like to suggest that you organize events in your country as a commemorative event of AVV foundation. Many walkers will be expected to participate in these events from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and other Asian countries and they foster their friendship each other.

Mitsumasa Miyashita AVV President

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