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AVV-ASIA News vol.3

April 29, 2011

1."Mr Chung-Da Ho, new president of Chinese Taipei Alpine Association, was nominated as AVV vice-president following the Statute."

2.1st Suncheon Bay Eco International March

The theme of this march is "Let' s walk with our family and friends along the Suncheon Bay enjoying one of the world's 5 greatest coastal wetlands. It will be held in the Suncheon Bay Ecological Park, in Suncheon City, Korea from May 21 to 22, 2011. Accommodation and meal will be provided during your stay in Korea.

3.The 4th Taiwan IVV walking

The details about 4/30 and 5/1 Taiwan IVV walking also promoing on AVV founding memorial walking as following :
(1) The purpose of this walking is a charity donation walking for helping Taiwan children & families in need. But the collecting money will be paid by the donator --Sun Light food factory--the co-organizer of this event. on behelf of each participator. (NT$18/per person).
(2) The first day route is Muzha Tea Plantation which is located on southen part of Taipei City and the route along the mountain side average attitude is 300m. The second day route is Yangming Shan National Park is located on northen part of Taipei City and the route also along the mountain side average attitude is 600m. These walking routes are famous for sceneries and distinctive features. One is tea plantation and the other is extinct volcano park. Most of the walking courses are paved with asphalt. So It is easy to walk but few are mountain trails which are a little difficult.
(3) Each day have 20km and 10km courses. 20km start from 8 am and 10km start from 8:30 am both are finished 3 pm or 4pm. The start point of first day is near MRT Muzha zoo station (the terminal station). And the start point of second day is near Yangming Shan Bus terminal station. If you want to participate the event. Please register on our webside:
or on the spot begine the start point. For encourageing walkers and promoting events. The participating fee is free for all.
(4) This events is sanctioned by IVV.
(5) If you want the detailed. Please see our webside

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