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Dear Newcomer to Volkssporting,
This guide has been specially prepared to answer question for you about activities of the associations and clubs affiliated with the Asiatischer Volkssport Verband(AVV), Asian branch of the International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV). For further information, please contact the AVV member in your country.


First, you will need a start card to participate in any event. Choices of distances (5 km, 10 km and longer) are usually available. For your first walk, especially if children accompany you, we recommend the shorter one.
Buy one start card per participant. This card assures you are registered. It is also your proof of insurance if the organizing club provides insurance. If you have preregistered for the event and paid the appropriate fee in advance, you are ready to simply pick up your start card.
If you have planned to buy an award, you will receive it after completing the walk. Most of the time the award will be available at the event; otherwise, the club will mail it to you.
At the Start and at checkpoints along the course water and sometimes other refreshments are available.


A walker may begin when he has completed his start card. A start stamp may be required. The different courses are clearly marked, usually with signs or different colors. Sometimes there are maps given to participants. Be alert to watch for turns or course intersections, which also will be clearly marked. When in doubt, other walkers will be glad to help you.
For security purposes you will find checkpoints along the route. You must show your start card there to be stamped. There are first aid supplies there and refreshments, for some of which you pay a small price.


At the end of the walk, the Finish point will be clearly marked.
You will return your start card and if you have IVV Record Books, they will be stamped here.
You will also receive your award.
There are usually drinks and food available and places to meet and socialize with other walkers.
Members of the host club can give you further information and there are information tables where you will find brochures about future AVV & IVV events.


Participation in AVV & IVV events is rewarded as follows: after completing an event you will receive an award (medal, patch, pin, etc) if you have paid for it.


An additional IVV award is a special stamp in IVV Record Books. There are two types of books:
Book for recording numbers of completed IVV events (Event Record Book)
Book for recording distances completed in IVV events (Distance Record Book)
The different books are different colors. These books are available for sale at every AVV or IVV event. The price of the books includes the award that you receive when the book has been filled with stamps. Different price books may be available depending upon your choice of receiving only a certificate as an award or also receiving a pin, patch and certificate.


IVV Record Books are not transferable. Each participant must have his/her own book. You may be asked to provide personal data as proof of ownership.
If you have an Event Record Book, you will receive only one Event stamp (per event) no matter how many times you complete the course.
If you have a Distance Record Book, you will receive the total number of kilometers completed for all times you complete the course.
When the book has been completed, you buy a new one. To receive your awards, mail the completed book to the national federation of your country or to the address printed on your book.
You will receive your award usually between 6-8 weeks. It is wise to keep a copy of your book before mailing as proof of the stamps you have received. Books cannot be duplicated if they are lost.
Organizers of the events may answer further questions about books.


IVV awards have been created to encourage regular participation in non-competitive popular sports, thereby promoting good health.
Some important reminders about these awards are:
・ IVV awards are only given when a participant has given or sent his IVV Record Book to a person or place that is authorized to process completed books (office of a national association member or their representative).
・ Each IVV event has a different number on the stamp.
・ Events are not limited to a calendar year.
・ Proof of completion of an IVV event is the stamp placed in the IVV Record Book.
・ The IVV Record Book is stamped only after proof (usually the returned start card) of completion and proof of identity (if necessary) has been presented.
・ IVV awards are given at various levels. For example,
Event Awards: after 10, 30, 50 events; then after each 25 events, etc.
Distance Awards: after each 500 kms until 8,00 kms; after each 1,000 kms until 22,000; after each 3,000 until 25,000; after each 5,000 thereafter.
・ The certificate, pin, and patch shall be mailed free of charge to the eligible person. Special award may be given at higher levels.
Duplicates of awards may be purchased using the corresponding Record Book as proof.

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