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AVV-ASIA News vol.33



Minutes of 6th General Assembly of Asian Confederation of Popular Sports (IVV-ASIA )

IVV-President Mitsumasa Miyashita

1. On November 16th 2018, the 6th General Assembly of Asian Confederation of Popular Sports (IVV-ASIA) was held in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. 2. The opening comment was given from IVV-ASIA-President Miyashita.
3. The IVV-ASIA-Vice-President Fitriani KURODA gave welcoming address to the IVV-ASIA Delegates.
4. The delegates from all the five members of IVV-ASIA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vladivostok, were present at the meeting, and IVV-ASIA-Secretary KAWAUCHI confirmed the quorum of the congress. All the delegates welcomed IVV-presidium members as supervisors.
5. In accordance with the statues, IVV-ASIA-President Miyashita took the chair.
6. The congress started with the IVV-ASIA-President Miyashitafs report.
(1) The Walking League Ginseng of Vladivostok, Russia was approved as a new IVV-ASIA member in 2016, after the confirmation that Walking League Ginseng had been approved as an IVV member already.
(2) The Seoul, Korea was elected as a host city of IVV Olympiad in 2021 at the IVV General Assembly held in Sicily, Italy in May 2018.
7. Financial report was presented by IVV-ASIA Secretary Kawauchi and approved.
8. IVV-ASIA-Vice-President Sun proposed the increase of the number of vice presidents from three to four. All the members agreed with the proposal. Then IVV-ASIA-Statutes was decided to change as below.
16. The Bureau is composed of a President, four Vice-Presidents and a secretary.
9. Mr. Miyashita M of Japan was elected as the next IVV-ASIA-President 2018-2022. Mr. Sun SK of Korea, Mr. Huang PN of Taiwan, Mrs. Rokhaya nur Fitriyani of Indonesia, and Mr Menovshchikov V of Russia were selected as IVV-ASIA-Vice-Presidents 2018-2022. Mr Kawauchi M of Japan was nominated as a IVV-ASIA-Secretary by the president.
10. The 5th Asianpiad 2020 was elected to be held in Vladivostok, Russia.
11. The final address was done by New IVV-ASIA-President Miyashita and the congress was closed.

After the IVV-ASIA Congress, Mrs. Rokhaya nur Fitriyani of Indonesia reported that the JIHW bought an ambulance with the money from IVV, IVV-ASIA and IML walking friends, and donoted the car to the local administration.

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